The year of innovation - PAGEN wraps up 2021 and outlines plans for the future

2021 was a year of innovation for PAGEN. Innovations in the area of production, logistics, sales and marketing. To evaluate the past year and to present plans for the future we asked the Board of Directors and the Management of the company.

Dominik Chamioło – CEO
In 2021 we certainly did not lack challenges and ambitions in achieving the defined objectives. In my opinion, the most important event last year was the opening of a new production hall, crowning several months of work by the entire project team. While completing this investment we increased the total production and warehouse area to over 22 thousand square meters, we invested in innovative machines - including the first in Poland robot for assembling double glazed units, as well as in the transport fleet equipped with overhead forklift trucks. We are also developing our team by employing specialists in many areas. By investing in growth, we can also enjoy a good result for the company - for which I sincerely thank the entire team, wishing them good luck in 2022.

Sebastian Sosin PAGENSebastian Sosin – Production Director
In 2021 Polish joinery manufacturers faced many challenges, the most important of which were the availability of raw materials and production optimization. While facing these challenges, we simultaneously implemented, among others, the V-PERFECT® technology - equipping the factory with 3 SL4-FF EVO RS models, automation of the assembly process of double glazed glass units - implementing the system integrated with the glass packet sorting facility and the light board supporting their quality control, as well as the so-called Digital Aluminium project in cooperation with FIMTEC Poland, the most important element of which is the numerically controlled digital crimping center - DCM1. I am convinced that in 2022 we will fully utilise our production capacities.

Paweł Zatorski PAGENPaweł Zatorski – General Commercial Director
2021 has been a challenging year for the industry as a whole, mainly due to raw material availability issues. Our suppliers are improving the supply chain, ensuring that the situation should normalize by the end of the first half of 2022. Summing up 2021, I am very satisfied with the development of the showroom network and the start of cooperation with new Customers on the domestic and export market. We are particularly pleased with the number of new clients starting cooperation on a partnership basis - for which I would like to thank the entire PAGEN team. What is important in 2021 we enriched our trade offer with Schüco aluminum systems, as well as fireproof aluminum windows and doors based on Ponzio PE 78EI system called DESIGN LINE. The development of the machinery park of PAGEN - as mentioned by the previous speakers and the commitment of the team is the basis for setting ambitious goals for 2022.

Monika Romaniszyn PAGENMonika Romaniszyn – Sales Director (Export)
In 2021, together with our Partners, we focused on taking advantage of the opportunities to sell our products within the framework of special co-financing programmes for the replacement or purchase of joinery launched, among others, in Italy, Germany or Australia. We are particularly pleased with the increase in sales on the Italian market amounting to 53% year on year. The projects I mentioned will certainly be continued also in 2022 - especially on the French market which is also developing dynamically. We plan to strengthen our position in the U.S. market - we are pleased to see improved sentiment among U.S. construction companies as a result of continued strong demand in the real estate market despite concerns about inflation, supply chain disruptions and persistent labor shortages. We are also pleased to see sales in the Slovak and Czech markets and plan to expand into new markets.

Anita Wierciak-Kaperek_PAGENAnita Wierciak-Kaperek – Sales Director (Poland)
While defining the sales strategy for 2021-2023, we decided to intensify the development of sales realized by our own Company Stores. In our opinion this direction of development of the sales network, in relation to the current market situation, will constitute one of the most significant elements of the company's development strategy in the coming years of its operations. In 2021, we opened new showrooms in Busko-Zdrój, Rzeszów, Limanowa, Skawina and Myślenice. We are currently conducting recruitment processes, advanced negotiations with the owners of premises and design work related to the arrangement of new showrooms in a dispersed sales network throughout the country.

Jacek Wach PAGENJacek Wach – Marketing Director
Summing up the year 2021 we can safely say that the process of rebranding PAGEN brand has been completed, for which I would like to thank the whole team involved in this project. The culmination of the rebranding process will be the presentation of our products and brand in a new version during the prestigious Fensterbau Frontale 2022 trade fair in Nuremberg, whose March date will probably be changed due to the situation related to the COVID-19 pandemic. While building awareness of the PAGEN brand in 2021, we have often been featured in the media, cooperating with TVN Discovery Group, RMF FM, Radio Eska and Murator, among others. A project that aroused a lot of interest was the competition "Windows in Pair with Interior Design" which will have its epilogue in 2022 - we will show the effect of cooperation of our clients with Mirella and Marcin Kępczyński. I will not reveal other plans for 2022 - in marketing we like surprises

Katarzyna PytelKatarzyna Chamioło – Commercial Proxy of PAGEN Sp. z o.o., coordinating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) projects.
2021 was a year in which we particularly emphasized the importance of a sense of community, health, safety and family ties. Among other things, we engaged in cooperation with UNICEF Poland which we will continue in 2022 under the "UNICEF Friend" program. Once again, we organised the blood donation campaign "Blood Donors #DoDzieła” on our premises and joined the "Onkoodpowiedzialni" project. We were also involved in local social campaigns e.g. helping Marcell Kubala, the victims of the fire in Nowa Biała or local children's homes in cooperation with Sławomir Rawiński, a personal trainer and MMA fighter. There are also new CSR projects that we are currently working on - the next one is in January - "Finale before Finale" for the 30th WOŚP Finale.