PAGEN strategic sponsor A.S. LUBE Volley

16th of September 2022 during special  press conference in Civitanova the official announcement of the signing of a sponsorship contract between the Polish window, door, roller shutter and garage door manufacturer and volleyball giant A.S. LUBE Volley. The PAGEN brand will be promoted during the Superliga Serie A, the Italian Cup and the volleyball Champions League in the next 3 seasons. The contract is valid until 2025, with a priority right to renew it for further years.


The Pagen logo will be visible, among others, on the official jerseys of the Italian champions worn in all competitions, on the banners and LED signs, on the VIP stands and on television broadcasting. The contract also includes media cooperation, social media and the personal involvement of LUBE Volley players in the image projects of the Polish manufacturer.

The PAGEN company was represented at the press conference by Dominik Chamioło - President of the Board, Paweł Zatorski - General Commercial Director, Monika Romaniszyn - Export Director, Katarzyna Chamioło – Proxy of Pagen Company responsible for the coordination of CSR projects, and Jacek Wach - Marketing Director. LUBE Volley was represented, among others, by Simona Sileoni - President of the Club, Giuseppe Cormio - General Manager, as well as the Club's biggest stars - World Champions Simone Anzani and Mattia Bottolo and the charismatic Ivan Zaytsev.



PAGEN LUBE CHAMIOŁOWe have been present on the Italian market for many years and have been actively expanding our distribution network. Now, with our 25th anniversary approaching, we have decided to strengthen PAGEN's brand image in this very important market. The choice of the LUBE was determined by the position of the Club in Italy and internationally, the approach to team building, the professionalism in building business relations and the unique atmosphere in the stands created by the Fans," said Dominik Chamioło, CEO of PAGEN.

In its history, Lube has posted 25 titles on its showcase: 7 Scudetti, 7 Italian Cups, 4 Italian Super Cups, 1 Club World Cup, 2 Cev Champions League, 3 Cev Cup and 1 Challenge Cup. Given its list of achievements, LUBE Volley deserves to be called the most successful volleyball club in Italy and is considered by fans to be the 'volleyball Real Madrid'.

PAGEN LUBELUBE Volley only welcomes reliable and solid business partners into its club family. I am glad that the group of sponsors is growing with the PAGEN company, which has been successful on many European markets. The contract with PAGEN is of strategic importance to us, also due to the strength of the Polish league. This is the first such contract with a producer from Poland, whose strong position on the Italian market, the commitment of the team and stable financial situation are a guarantee of our common success - said Simona Sileoni, President of LUBE Volley Club.

The colours of this Italian club were represented by Sebastian Świderski, Bartosz Kurek and Mateusz Bieniek, who are well known to fans of the Polish National Team. One of the most successful volleyball players in the world, Osmany Juantorena, who was a special guest at the opening of the new Italian PAGEN lounge in June 2022, also played in its line-up for years.



PAGEN LUBESponsoring a club with such a rich tradition and reputation is an honour and a great responsibility. When building brand recognition in Italy, the natural direction becomes sport, which Italians intensive discuss in their homes. When making the decision to cooperate with LUBE, the fact that LUBE often confronts Polish teams in the Volleyball  Champions League finals.. The contract, which is valid until 2025, is an important step for us in positioning the brand on the Italian market," said Jacek Wach, Marketing Director of PAGEN.

What is very important for us LUBE Volley is a socially committed Club. It supports Amnesty International, Macerata Culture, the National Association of Families of People with Disabilities Anffas Nazionale, as well as the organisation Lega del Filo d'Oro - which provides assistance, education, rehabilitation in the fight for recovery to people with psychosensory disorders and the deaf-blind. Cooperation in the field of CSR is one of the elements of our agreement," added Katarzyna Chamioło - Proxy of Pagen Company responsible for corporate social responsibility projects.

The conference took place on the day of the Champions League volleyball group selection draw. The LUBE Volley players will face Knack Roselare and Tours VB in the group phase, therefore promoting the PAGEN brand in Belgium and France. Volleyball excitement will certainly not be lacking.



PAGEN LUBEWe are well established on the Italian market, where we have achieved commercial success for many years. We have repeatedly presented our range at prestigious trade fairs in Milan and Bologna, and our products are present in many Italian showrooms. The Italian market still has great potential and the cooperation with LUBE Volley will certainly strengthen our position. The most important argument to encourage Italians to replace their windows and doors is currently the Superbonus 110 programme. However, when planning our sales strategy, we are already taking measures that will allow us to realise our goals in the period when the Superbonus building renovation support will come to an end, comments Monika Romaniszyn, Export Director at PAGEN.

Zatorski PAGEN LUBEI am glad that our company is the first from the leaders of the Polish joinery industry to reach for cooperation with a top Italian volleyball club. I congratulate the teams on both sides of the net for their efficient and constructive cooperation. Team sport is about commitment, professionalism and competition in the spirit of fair play. These values are also close to our team. From now on, we play together for the benefit of our customers and fans," concludes Paweł Zatorski, General Commercial Director.