A functional and aesthetically pleasing terrace all year round with an aluminum pergola

The terrace has become an integral part of any construction project. Today it is difficult to imagine a modern building without a terrace area, regardless of the form it will take. The terrace is a place for rest and relaxation in the open air during the day, while in the evening it is a place to celebrate with loved ones. With the right construction and arrangement, it can be a space to spend time regardless of weather conditions, especially when an aluminum pergola appears on it.

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The MB-OpenSky 120 pergola system fits perfectly into the trends of modern construction. The roof module, composed of lamellas available in two shapes, allows extremely smooth change of tilt in the axis from 0 to 135 degrees, and the roof control mechanism has been completely hidden in the system structure. Adjustment of the lamellas can be done with a remote control, a switch as well as a smartphone app.

Pergola open to arrangement

A rich color scheme from the RAL palette, allows us to adapt the pergola to the chosen style and color scheme of its surroundings. We can enrich it with an LED lighting system integrated into the roof lamella structure or wrap it around the entire pergola structure. Thanks to appropriately matched profiles, the MB-OpenSky pergola can use a whole range of side shades, from sliding aluminum wings, through various forms of glazing to movable textile blinds operated from our smartphone. In addition, if side screens are used, it is possible to integrate them into the roof system, so we can control the entire pergola with a single device.

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The reliable and durable construction of the MB-OpenSky 120 pergola ensures its resistance to different weather conditions, and the use of an innovative method of fitting profiles, allows the structure to be joined aesthetically, while maintaining the stability of the entire system.


Regardless of the conditions


The pergola is equipped with a double-sided drainage system, ensuring effective drainage of rainwater from the roof with the entire surface of the column with a capacity of up to 57 l/min.  Tests carried out have proven that for the maximum dimensions of the structure (length 6m x width 4m x height 3m) the permissible snow load is 72 kg/m2, with simultaneous wind loads of up to 110 km/h. In addition, the system allows the installation of an intermediate pole already on the finished structure. The aluminum pergola is characterized by high durability and low maintenance costs. It does not require constant care and maintenance, and weighing little, it is uncomplicated to install.

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The solid and stable construction of the pergola means that we can enjoy a functional terrace all year round. The possibility of combining it with other materials, such as wood or glass, gives a number of options for the design of the space and the ability to adapt them to individual preferences. Thanks to their durability, aesthetic appearance and versatility, aluminum pergolas are becoming increasingly popular as outdoor structures, offering users a reliable and stylish solution for their living space.

Arek Gemza Product Manager ABOUT THE AUTHOR:
Arkadiusz Gemza - Product Manager in the Marketing Department of PAGEN Sp. z o.o., responsible for the arrangement and exposition of products in showrooms and product training. Privately a licensed soccer coach, a lover of sport, history and travel.