Windows in loft interiors

Living spaces in loft style are characterized primarily by finishing materials - mud brick, concrete, glass, raw wood, metal pillars or clear installation lines - pipes, cables and even ventilation ducts. In short - spacious interiors in a minimalist style with character. But how should windows look like in such a place?

The fashion for reviving industrial spaces emerged in New York in Manhattan during the recession of the 1950s. Factories and plants were slowly becoming empty and it was usually artists who decided to buy or rent them (also illegally). In their apartments it was difficult to find a standard division into kitchen, bathroom and living room - open space combined living area and artistic studio. The fashion for lofts in Poland emerged relatively recently - it was created in Łódź in Karol Scheibler's 19th century factory.

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A great advantage of such apartments is also the frequent lack of partition walls and separated rooms, which additionally enables free operation of daylight through the living space. Remember not to hang curtains or drapes in such windows. They block the flow of natural light and the role of decorative additions, which curtains play in interiors decorated in other styles, is taken over by completely different elements.

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In order to maintain discretion – especially in buildings erected by developers on the pattern of post-industrial architecture – the so-called "softlofts" – in crowded residential areas, external roller shutters or facade shutters should be used. Usually such premises have much smaller surface area than a typical loft, separate rooms and smaller windows. However, since their interiors are finished with the aforementioned materials, a well-chosen partition for the glass should not interfere with the rawness of wood or concrete.

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