PAGEN4YOU: Together - Cheaper!

Buying a PAGEN window joinery, consider buying additional products from PAGEN4YOU program, to obtain higher discounts. The more products You choose, the more You benefit.

  • DISCOUNT 2% - 2 products from PAGEN4YOU offer
  • DISCOUNT 4% - 3 products from PAGEN4YOU offer
  • DISCOUNT 6% - 4 products from PAGEN4YOU offer

Promotion do not combine with other PAGEN promotions. The requirement for obtaining a higher discount is to place order, at once, for at least 2 products from PAGEN4YOU program, where one of the product need to be a PVC window. Discount is deducted from net price of the window joinery.

To benefit from the promotion, You need to:

  • order windows (all product lines) for at least 1200 euros nett (after discount)
  • shutters - at least 5 pieces or for amount of 1000 euros nett (after discount)
  • doors and gates without any price or amount limitations

The promotion continues until recalled.