PAGEN with UNICEF helps children whose country stopped being their home

PAGEN helps children through the program `Friend of UNICEF`. The company extended the partnership for another year and transferred funds that UNICEF Poland will allocate to help children who are suffering from humanitarian crises related, among others with military conflicts.

Last year's military conflicts, natural disasters, epidemics, and lack of food security put children in a critical position. In many cases, those threats overlapped and intensified each other. Children still need our support that's why UNICEF brings help in complex, systemic ways- saving their lives, health, and future. It wouldn't be possible if not for the support of our partners and donors including PAGEN company, which extended its participation in the program “Friend of UNICEF” to the next year.

Katarzyna PytelFrom Gaza Strip to Ukraine and Haiti to Sudan for millions of children, their countries are no longer their homes. Deciding to continue cooperation with UNICEF Poland, we believe that together we can build a safe world for future generations bringing help to those who need it the most. In the spirit of friendship, we promote peace, empathy, and mutual respect having awareness and being aware that these values are particularly missing in many places around the world – Said Katarzyna Chamioło, proxy of PAGEN Sp. Z o.o., coordinating projects CSR.

UNICEF is only one of the initiators of strategic cooperation in the business world with the third sector “Friend of UNICEF” which is one of the enterprise programs that want to actively help children and include specific corporate social responsibility activities in their business strategies. Cooperation with UNICEF Poland is a comprehensive support for children in achieving their full potential towards a better future.