Terrace as an extension of the interior thanks to HST system and proper arrangement

A terrace that is a seamless extension of a living room is one of the most interesting interior trends. One way of making it easier to blur the boundary between the house interior and the garden space are HST sliding doors with a barrier-free threshold. HST system is not all, however - we also suggest how to build and arrange a terrace in order to optically enlarge the interior.

Drzwi tarasowe HST PAGEN

An effect of the optically enlarged interior can be achieved by flooring. Ideally, terrace flooring should be made of the same or similar materials to those used in the living room. If it is impossible - make sure that both surfaces share important common features, such as a colour or a common pattern.

Drzwi tarasowe HST PAGENWhen choosing the HST sliding door system, most investors have in mind the practical alignment of the internal floor level with its external level, while maintaining all thermal properties. ECO PASS threshold in HST doors with a height of only 5 mm favours barrier-free solutions while providing optimal tightness and thermal insulation.

Barrier-free interiors serve not only the elderly, those who use wheelchairs or whose mobility has been limited in some way. The use of modern solutions at home will certainly significantly improve the quality of life of every resident, especially since a height of less than 5 mm for the running rail allows almost unlimited freedom of movement and is well below the 20 mm required by DIN 18040.

The effect of the terrace "going outside" is also deepened by the use of home details - lamps, lampshades and other accessories which are similar in style to those used in the living room. In addition, the furniture placed in both places should have some common features. Modern living room interior in its continuation on the terrace - can express itself through furniture made of technorattan or other materials associated with modernity such as metal, wood or glass.

Drzwi tarasowe HST PAGEN

Nothing opens the living room to the garden space like large windows and glass doors. This is certainly the most important thing that makes the interior of the living room visually "going out". Large glazing and terrace sliding doors will certainly make it easier to blur the boundary between the interior of the house and the garden space.

Additionally, they will illuminate the interior and reveal beautiful views. When designing a garden, however, you should pay attention to how it will look in winter. A nice view from the window will certainly have a strong influence on the perception of interior design, and consequently - on the well-being of household members. So it is worth making sure that in winter we are not surrounded by grey scenery with dry tree branches outside.

Drzwi tarasowe HST PAGEN