Children at home safe not only during vacations

A sense of security is one of the most important values in the life of every human being. It guarantees peace of mind and the ability to continue fulfilling one's dreams, plans or everyday duties. When we talk about safety of children at home - we are convinced that it is the most important issue.

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Each of us has a different definition of security - some people attach more importance to economic security, i.e. life stability ensuring a decent living. Others prioritize personal safety, a peaceful life, whether at home, at work, or on the street, while still others prioritize health stability and access to health care. No matter what, for every parent the safety of their children is paramount. Since the birth of a child we take care of every detail of the space in which our kids spend.

When choosing products that are to serve them, we pay special attention to safety features, and it is no different when choosing window frames, doors, roller blinds or a garage door. 

Safe from the first step

The Eco Pass threshold used in the HST sliding systems will reduce the difference in threshold height to only 5 mm. It will make it easier for us and our children to move freely between the interior of the house and the terrace. Playing hide and seek, playing ball or riding a scooter will not be an obstacle for the youngest, and we know what ideas may pop into the heads of our little ones. Barrier-free threshold eliminates the boundaries between the interior of the house and its surroundings, preventing painful tripping and numerous bruises and scratches.

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Another element that increases safety is the SOFT CLOSE shock absorber used in the lift and slide doors - ExclusiveSlide. This mechanism brakes the movement of the leaf and then gently guides it into the frame, thus preventing the risk of slamming. It is extremely important because the force of closing the wing, due to its weight can be really high. Soft Close system releases the sash in the final stage of closing, allowing it to be gently locked by the movement of the handle.

Safety, tempered and acoustic glazing

Daylight is essential for the proper functioning of the human body. Adequate lighting in the rooms where we spend most of our time has a positive effect on our mood and health. Natural light can improve our mood, restore desire to act and play. It is also necessary for our body to absorb vitamin D, so important especially in the development of the body of a young person. A large dose of sunlight can provide us with large structures with large glazing.

While having fun it is not difficult to have an accident, contact of play objects with glass or the kids themselves may result in its smashing and often injury to our child. Already at the stage of designing rooms it is worth considering the use of glass panes, which will help us to prevent this. Safety glass is made by gluing several sheets of glass with several layers of strong PVB foil, so that the glass does not break into large sharp pieces when it is broken, but its flexible and resistant foil keeps the glass fragments in place.

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Another solution is tempered glass, which in case of breaking breaks breaks into a very large number of small pieces reducing possible injuries. You should also consider acoustic glass, which is constructed from sheets of glass with greater thickness and soundproofing properties. The use of acoustic films in laminated glass is another way to reduce noise in our room, so no noise will wake a sleeping toddler, and older siblings will have a comfortable environment to study or develop their hobbies.

Safe windows on the first floor

Willingness to explore the world and never-ending imagination makes the youngest ones exposed to numerous dangers while exploring the world, especially when they play near the windows. A solution that will effectively prevent the child from opening the window wide will certainly be of interest to parents planning to arrange a child's room on the upper floors of the house.

ActivPilot Tilt Virst fitting is characterized by a different order of opening, in the 90-degree position there is a tilt position, while in the 180-degree position there is an open position. With this fitting and a special handle, you can tilt the window by turning it to the horizontal safe position without having to unlock the lock with a key. To be able to turn the handle to the open position, you must first unlock the lock with a key. The hardware, together with a special handle, significantly reduces the possibility of unwanted opening of the window by a child.

Another hardware solution is DS window lock, which prevents full opening of the window while maintaining the tilt function. The task of the DS lock is to block the window sash in the tilted position with a special key. The window can be tilted, but it cannot be opened further at the reveal. The window can be tilted, but it cannot be opened fully. 

Safely in the garage

Playing hide and seek is one of the most popular forms of entertainment among children, running around the garden, hiding behind a pillar, a tree or even in the garage is a lot of fun. In this case, it is worth investing in a garage door with an operator from Somfy. By automatically detecting obstacles, you can be sure that no one will get hurt while closing it (even accidentally). When the garage door detects an obstacle, it automatically lifts to the open position and stays that way.

Adding the device to the Smart Home TaHoma system gives us additional opportunities - you can not only control the gate with a smartphone from virtually anywhere in the world, for example in a situation where children have forgotten the keys to the house. Thanks to it you can also synchronize the additional lighting in the garden, so you can increase visibility after dark, and thus the safety of their children.
The aforementioned solutions allow you to peacefully enjoy the beauty of nature, indulge in your passion and carefree, without thinking about the dangers that may encounter our loved ones. 

Arek Gemza Product Manager ABOUT THE AUTHOR:
Arkadiusz Gemza - Product Manager in the Marketing Department of PAGEN Sp. z o.o., responsible for the arrangement and exposition of products in showrooms and product training. Privately a licensed soccer coach, a lover of sport, history and travel.