PAGEN becomes a Friend of UNICEF

PAGEN LLC company joins the „Przyjaciel UNICEF” program. Together with the biggest organisation in the world, which is working on behalf of children, it will be helping the youngest ones from the poorest parts of the world.

At the moment, children on whole world are facing numerous challenges. Limited access to education, poverty, malnutrition, prolonged conflicts or effects of climate changes are just a few ones from the burning problems touching young people. UNICEF for over 70 years is bringing help to children. Each year, organisation is supporting the youngest ones in circa 300 humanitarian crisis. The work of UNICEF is possible only thanks to the financial support of individual and business Doners.

I am happy, that PAGEN company joined to the cluster of UNICEF FRIENDS. Thanks to the financial support we can continue our mission and save the health and life of children on whole world, but also give the youngest chance for better future. This is a huge joy, that polish companies, such as PAGEN are willing to commit themselves to help children – says Marek Krupiński, the Chief Executive of UNICEF Poland.

Katarzyna PytelCommunicating the values, which are the foundation of activity of PAGEN company, especially highlighting sense of togetherness, safety and family bounds. Cooperate with UNICEF Poland, we have a chance to build better world, which is our common home. Thanks to UNICEF “Home. Masterpiece of a lifetime” is a “Friendship changing life of children” on whole world – said Katarzyna Pytel, Proxy of PAGEN Company, who coordinating projects of a Corporate Social Responsibility nature.

UNICEF is the one of the initiator of strategic busines cooperation with the humanitarian organisations. Cooperation with the global helping organisation gives the business a chance to be involved in solving problems concerning children on whole world, with concurrent building the consciousness of the community in the area of global challenges.  

„Przyjaciel UNICEF” is a program targeted to medium and large companies, which are willing to help children, realising the concept of social business responsibility. It is tailor – made proposition of cooperation with the organisation, which is bringing food, water and sanitation, medical or educational aid for children.