Arrangement of windows in modern interiors

Arrangement of windows in the living room should not only be trendy and fitted with the rest of the rooms but also functional. Decoration of the window has a significantly impact on atmosphere, highlight the style of the interior but also increase optically or lighten up the space.

Arrangement of the windows is not only limited to the curtains or shades. More popular become interior window shutters. Thanks to them, we can completely shaded the interior and achieve very interesting visual effect. They are greately match with classic but also modern living rooms.


If we decide on draperies or curtains, they should not dominate the interior, and what goes with that, their colour must be thoroughly matched to the whole decoration. Straight draperies with weight match with the modern interiors, such a glamour or vintage. They are letting through a lot of light, so if we want to reduce it, it is worth to think about a second kind of decoration. Curtains, which are also returning to favour, we can also use with arrangement of the window. Here necessary is sense of style.

Window sills are ideal places, which we can use as an additional shelf for decorations. Thanks to the properly matched additives, we can implement an interesting atmosphere to the room. Still important element of the decoration are pot plants and fresh cut flowers, which give the room appropriate character and charm. Big and effective pots will be highlighting the interior decoration and flowers will add the naturalness to it.  

Window sill can also function as additional shelf, on which we can put the frames with favourite pictures or books. We can also put on it lamps, which will illuminate the apartment or we can as well place on them trays with elegant candles, which flame, reflecting at night in the glass will implement an unique atmosphere. Such elements will bring the mood to the room and during the day will be an interesting decoration.

Aranżacja okien PAGEN


Aranżacja okien PAGENThanks to the appropriate colour and proper proportions with pleasure we will be looking towards the windows. We must however remember not to cover the whole window with the additives (less is more) and provide proper light entrance to the room.

We can not forget about that windows not only must look good but they also must be functional. Properly selected decorations we can highlight the character of the interior and also add a note of freshness.