SCHIRMER - TANDEM cutting and machining centre in PAGEN's machine park

A modern SCHIRMER-TANDEM cutting and machining centre has been installed at PAGEN,  equipped with extensive support modules for cutting and machining PVC profiles, drilling dowels, handles and other special machining with a capacity of at least 300 units per 8 hours! The implementation of the machine was carried out by URBAN Polska.

SCHIRMER - TANDEM cutting and machining center is a solid and massive machine construction , build from the best components  on the market: mechanical BOSCH-REXROT,   pneumatic FESTO and electronic BECKHOFF, which is distinguished by a high level of automation , modularity and efficiency.

Each machine for machining profiles -  before it reaches a specific production site - is assembled  in production hall of Schirmer company.  Then it is tested , and later after positive results ,disassembled  and reassembled back at the manufacturer's premises. We aim to customize the profile machining line to support not only the cutting and machining of the profile, but also the milling of gaskets, mullions, HFL joints or the making of grooves for aluminium canopies. What is extremely important is that we can combine them with steel cutting centres, including a steel insertion robot, abutment assembly stations and a fully automatic sorter - explains Janusz Bubień, CEO of URBAN Polska.

SCHIRMER center besides from standard flashings in PVC and PVC with steel performs additional operations without loose of productivity and most importantly-  can be operated by one person. The process of loading reinforcements into PVC profiles itself can be carried out either manually or with automatic steel insertion, extended, for example, by a die-cutting module. High-precision, dynamic and wear-resistant linear drives are used to transport the profiles. In the solution provided by URBAN Polska, special attention should be paid to the specialized knives for trimming thermally welded seals, as well as those for cutting the rebate seal and the centre seal for the mullions, thanks to which it is possible to process the profiles properly.


Sebastian Sosin PAGENThe machine is also equipped with two three-axis, nine-tool stations for milling seals and posts. In addition, there are three double - top and bottom - electric screwdrivers for screwing in PVC profile steel reinforcements on servo motors with automatic screw feeding, which supply screws for different profile systems in three different lengths: 3.9 x 19 mm, 3.9 x 16 mm and 3.9 x 13 mm. This makes it possible to screw the reinforcements at the uprights at the same time, on both sides, without having to reposition or rotate them,’ reports Sebastian Sosin, Production Director at PAGEN.

The electric (not pneumatic) servo-motor-controlled reinforcement screwdrivers mentioned provide the optimum screw speed. The relevant parameters depend on the thickness of the steel and are selected automatically. This ensures optimum positioning of each screw and longer bit life.

Such an expanded centre can be additionally equipped with an automatic abutment assembly module with infeed and bolting, a milling module for a fixed or movable post with two or four single- or double-sided tools, or a steel waste welding unit for 100% steel utilization. It is also possible to retrofit a unit for the production and shaping of steel reinforcements, where the steel is ordered in a roll and the centre independently unrolls, shapes, cuts and inserts the steel reinforcements. The centre's closing module is an automatic  robot for sorting and shelving the items coming off the Schirmer line.

In addition to the implementation of the SCHIRMER-TANDEM cutting and machining centre, PAGEN has also contracted a logistics line and a fully automated, high-precision and high-performance machining and cutting centre with a multi-spindle and two cutting units for cutting and machining aluminium profiles. Delivery and implementation of further machines is scheduled for September 2024.