PAGEN invests in Digital Aluminum from FIMTEC Poland

On November 19, 2021, the Małopolska-based manufacturer of windows, doors, roller shutters and garage doors opened a new production hall, increasing its total production and warehouse space to more than 22,000 square meters. In hall no. 2, PAGEN intends to manufacture aluminum windows, roller shutters and garage gates. The facility is equipped, among others, with machines for aluminum joinery production implemented by FIMTEC Polska.


The construction of a new production hall was not the only investment made by the company over the last year. During the inaugural presentation Dominik Chamioło - President of the Management Board of PAGEN Sp. z o.o. - informed about equipping the new hall with, among others, a BLITZ 60 Double-Head Sawing Machine with an automatic cutting option and a Digital Crimping Machine DCM1.

FimtecThe BLITZ 60 saw with special unloading belt considerably speeds up the cutting process with its automatic cutting system, more than doubling the throughput compared to standard cutting with two cutting heads at the same time. This is made possible by the fact that the FSTCut program re-optimizes the cutting list and the saw cuts the entire bar automatically - the human factor is reduced to the necessary minimum, which is picking up the next cut and pressing a button. Thanks to the fact that the whole cutting process is automatic, there is no risk of running out of material at the end to cut the last element, which consequently reduces the stress of the sawer that he may make a mistake. This solution significantly increases the comfort of work –  said Jan Byrczek from FIMTEC Poland.

What is extremely important, the automatic system of adjusting the clamping pressure depending on the angle which is currently being cut allows optimal clamping of the profile right next to the cutting point – adds Sebastian Sosin, Production Director at PAGEN.

The new hall is also equipped with a glazing bead cutting system consisting of a 300 mm blade saw with automatic feed, a numerically controlled measuring table with a control panel and a mobile measuring pole. The pole is used to measure the length of glazing beads and the results are sent via Bluetooth to the control panel. The mobile measuring pole makes it possible to create libraries for the height of glazing beads so that the value that the system must subtract from the vertically positioned beads can be called up each time. The whole set provides a very high accuracy of measurement and cutting, reducing time and facilitating work.


The most important part of the Digital Aluminum project at PAGEN, is the CNC controlled corner crimping machine - DCM1 (Digital Crimping Machine). The main advantage of DCM1 is the speed and precision of changing the setting of knives to the set profile, measured in seconds and immediate readiness to make a crimp with the same accuracy every time. The quality and repeatability of the joint is monitored by a series of sensors, safety and measuring devices intended to control the operator's work and prevent possible errors.

Sebastian Sosin PAGENThe correctness of the profiles folding and the accuracy of the profile connection is monitored by the specialized vision system with the software measuring the gap between the profiles. The motors which position the knives are powered by controls which detect when a step is lost in order to ensure that the knives are always positioned precisely to the required profile. The three-phase motors performing the crimping process operate in a closed feedback loop ensuring perfect synchronization and distribution of forces which in turn guarantees the best joint quality and repeatability – explains Sebastian Sosin, Production Director at PAGEN.

This year PAGEN's hall no. 1 which is currently used exclusively for the production of PVC joinery was equipped with 2 SL-4 FF EVO RS GRAF SYNERGY robots that enable window welding with the patented V-Perfect technology. During the opening of the new hall the company informed about contracted delivery of further SL-4 FF EVO RS GRAF SYNERGY robots. Moreover, this year the company implemented the first in Poland ROTOX ROS 591 robot supporting the assembly of double glazing units, equipped with the automatic sorting machine of glazing packets and a light board supporting the quality control of glazing packets before they are sorted and stored in racks.