PAGEN an ambassador of blood donation in window &door industry

From couple of months whole Poland urgently needs blood. In response to appeals of National Blood Centre and Regional Blood Donation & Hemotherapy Centre, on the premises of a plant, PAGEN - producer of windows, doors, shutters and garage gates from Lesser Poland, organised blood donating action. This venture is likely to become an industry action, due to the fact that other representatives of that industry already announced, they want to organise a similar initiatives on the premises of their plants.

On 1st of October 2020, about 9:00 am, in front of the PAGEN company factory parked the Mobile Blood Donation Point, in which the employees of lesser Poland woodwork producer could honorary donate their blood. The action “Blood Doners #MasterIt” was coordinated by Regional Blood Donation & Hemotherapy Centre in Cracow. The whole company was committed in the blood donation – starting with the production, going through sales, accounting, technologists, service, marketing, logistics departments, ending on management board.  

Blood is a priceless medicine, which can not be produced in laboratory. The involvement of doners is necessary in order to doctors could fight for health and life of the patients. I would like to thank all the people, which are involved in organisation of the action, especially to ones who honorary decided to share their gift of life – said Dominik Chamioło, CEO of PAGEN LLC.