PAGEN with 44% increased sales of windows to the USA

On North American and Canadian market, we can see bigger interest of the windows “made in Europe”.  According to analysts of Santander bank, pandemic boosted many trends, which can be seen in Polish sector of woodwork – in particular even more increased meaning of export. This growth is not only the result of increasing deliveries on European Union markets, but also deliveries of window and doors to the USA.

Among Polish producers of PVC and aluminium window joinery are companies, which significantly improved their sales results in the United States. One of them is PAGEN – Lesser Poland producer of windows, doors, shutters and garage gates.

 Oddana do użytkowania inwestycja w Chicago, wyposażona w okna PVC firmy PAGEN.
Investment put in service in Chicago, equipped with PVC PAGEN windows.


Barbara Kapusta PAGENAnalyzing sales results in the half of the previous year, we were taking with satisfaction maintaining the analogic as in 2019 level of sales to the USA, comparing first 7 months of 2019 and 2020 during the pandemic. Today it turns out, that the year 2020, despite the COVID-19, we are closing with increased sales to the United States on a level of 44% - informs, responsible for English-speaking markets, Barbara Kapusta, Export Sales Menager in PAGEN.

Among reasons of a dynamic growth of export of Polish  producents of woodwork joinery experts from Santander are pointing on tough economic situation in many countries, growing budget debt, deterioration of the situation on labour market, bigger than before the appearance of COVID-19 caution regarding expenses. Windows and doors from Poland can, in accordance to experts, boast a very high ratio of price to quality and with the changes in the rate of euro – western distributors can propose even more attractive price to their clients.

Monika Romaniszyn PAGENReasons of increase, not only on USA market but also on European Union markets, should be seen also in thermo-modernisation programs, implemented in many countries and in lockdown, which especially on European markets had a very strong impact on condition of western producers of woodwork joinery. Factories on the west of Europe was dealing with problems connected with deliveries of materials but also with the lack of employees. I am very happy, that our team manage to meet the expectations of the market in this difficult situation – adds Monika Romaniszyn, International Sales Director of PAGEN.

In opinion of Santander analysts, but also Key Media & Research in 2021 we can expect the further increase of foreign sales in window-door industry, even though the negative impact of COVID-19 on  economy. Experts estimate that increase of this sector will exceed 5% in comparison of the year to year.

Investment put in service in Chicago, equipped with PVC PAGEN windows.