NEW: proEvolution PVC system (72 mm) in the offer of PAGEN company

In response to today's market challenges - we are introducing an innovative - safe, durable and energy-efficient window system proEvolution (72 mm) from Salamander Window & Door Systems to PAGEN's offer. Most importantly - we offer the new window system at prices similar to the popular Comfort system (73 mm), providing the parameters of window systems in the 82 mm class!

Sleek design, easy care and maintenance, insulation values that meet modern requirements for the replacement, investment and new construction market, as well as the unique "whitest white" among window profiles (Salamander pureWhite) - these are just selected features that distinguish the PAGEN proEvolution system.

proEvolution PAGEN

Many years of experience, systemic knowledge of sustainable plastics production and extremely high design requirements, made it possible to create a window profile that combines optimized insulation values, durability and security with a classic, minimalist appearance.

Sebastian Sosin PAGENProEvolution's bionic logic window technology uses a combination of air chambers and seals, translating into optimal insulation values and energy efficiency for residential buildings. The new window system is also optimized for acoustic protection, effectively reducing exterior noise by up to 46 dB, and its profiles are optimized for weight, meaning less material is used in production while maintaining the same stability - reports Sebastian Sosin, Production Director at PAGEN.

We also encourage you to get acquainted with other novelties introduced in PAGEN's offer, among which the most noteworthy are terrace pergolas, industrial gates and Modern Line aluminum windows in Aluron systems.

PAGEN Salamander 72