The International Builder Show… Must Go On!

The prestigious U.S. NAHB International Builders' Show® (IBS) was held in Las Vegas from January 31 to February 2, 2023. As estimated by the organizers, it was the largest U.S. construction industry event since 2008. Nearly 70,000 registered attendees, 1,300 exhibitors, more than 100 educational sessions, parties and events with TV and music stars best sums up IBS 2023. The Polish window and door industry at the event was represented by PAGEN, which was named a finalist in the Best of IBS Awards 2023 in the "Best Window & Door Product" category.

At its booth, PAGEN presented complete home furnishings for joinery - from entrance doors, patio doors and windows in ALU and PVC systems, to GENIUS garage doors, roller shutters and facade blinds powered by Somfy. The IBS 2023 trade show also provided an excellent opportunity to present products that could soon revolutionize the market and set trends.


Of particular interest in this context, was the PVC window in the SALAMANDER greenEvolution system, covered on the outside with raw copper, and on the inside with embossed recycled eco-leather. Such a combination was possible thanks to the use of SALAMANDER's latest series of so-called realMaterial - decorative foils and textures. It was this product of the Polish manufacturer that was selected by an independent Jury as one of the finalists for the Best of IBS Awards 2023. The judges appreciated above all the innovation, functionality, design and consumer and builder friendliness of the product.

Participation in the finals of the Best of IBS Awards at our first trade show in the United States is a great honor and the crowning achievement of 25 years of business. We have been actively selling overseas for several years, and with our presence in Las Vegas we have established our position among European joinery exporters to the US. We still have an appetite for more," said Dominik Chamioło, CEO of PAGEN.

Premiering in Las Vegas

PAGEN premiered the Schüco ASE 60 TipTronic aluminum sliding patio door with automatic drive at IBS. This modular and scalable profile system with concealed hardware components provides a high-end design, even in the open position. Combined with specially developed drive and control technology, the aluminum profiles make it possible to create large-format structures with sash weights of up to 600 kg and sash travel distances of up to 18 m. Safe operation of the system is ensured by integrated sensors.


The glazing itself was also a curiosity in this solution - as it relied on the innovative Pilkington AviSafe™ glass, developed to reduce bird collisions in clashes with glass barriers. Its special patterned coating, which enhances UV reflection, disrupts light reflections so birds can see the glass barrier. The Pilkington AviSafe™ glass coating makes the glass surface more visible to birds while maintaining an attractive exterior appearance.

There was also a lot of interest in MB-86 FOLD LINE HD terrace folding doors, which make it easy to take advantage of favorable weather conditions and almost literally remove the barrier between a building's interior and its surroundings. MB-86 FOLD LINE HD doors can provide a perfect, large-scale, wide passage from the house to the terrace or connect a café or restaurant with its outdoor area used seasonally. Folding doors can be opened both to the outside and inside of the building and can have any arrangement of leaf configurations.


Fans of classic solutions paid special attention to the PVC Classic Line door in Jet Black Matt, enriched with a handle and surface hinges in the color of old gold and an inter-pane so-called Vienna muntin bar. The door juxtaposed with a sidelight and top transom looked extremely impressive. 



Visitors to PAGEN's booth were impressed by the number of products presented. In addition to the solutions already presented, the company demonstrated the bestsellers of its offer: HST evolutionDrive, evolutionDrive Plus+, PSK Comfort Line, Premium Line aluminum entrance doors and Modern Line PVC doors, AWS 75.SI aluminum window with facade blind, Schüco's Exclusive Line PVC window or SALAMANDER Greta® Premium Line PVC window, which uses 100% recycled plastic.

Monika Romaniszyn PAGENThis 3-day event provided an excellent opportunity to establish business relationships and present our product offerings to representatives of the world's strongest economy. I am glad that we became known as a team of professionals who create a friendly atmosphere of cooperation, so important in this business," concluded Monika Romaniszyn, Export Director at PAGEN.

The Las Vegas show also provided an opportunity to celebrate PAGEN's 25th anniversary with customers and business partners. The meetings, accompanied by a cake and a glass of champagne, recalled the opening ceremony hosted by Mike Rowe, known from the TV series "Dirty Jobs", numerous social events such as the IBS Young Pro Party or a ride through the underground tunnel in a TESLA electric car between the exhibition halls.


The event ended with a concert by legendary American singer Sheryl Crow. Hits such as "All I Wanna Do" were sung along with the artist by almost the entire audience gathered at the Paradise Event Center, often repeating "See you next year."