Home as a masterpiece of a lifetime! New marketing strategy of PAGEN

PAGEN company, one of the leading Polish manufacturers of windows, doors, garage gates and roller shutters is changing his image, introducing a new logo with new visual identification and  marketing strategy for years 2020-2022. The rebranding is connected with changes in organisation and procedural but also with expansion of the production factory. Creation on which duo of Jacek Wach & Maciej Musiał is working on, is expression of the changes which occurred in the company in recent years.

PAGEN company products are appreciated not only in Poland, but also in Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, French, Great Britain or even in the USA, Canada or Australia. Development of own network of showrooms and active presence on international arena are contributing to strengthening the position of Polish sector of door and window woodwork, which today is the leader of export in Europe.

Present stage of improvement of the company is a right moment for a new opening. The pace of the changes is impressive – the expansion of the product offer, extension of the production factory, the research and development works, organisational and procedural changes but also the development of the sale network in Poland and Europe – are forcing adaptation to the modern trends, and even to designating them in the industry – says Dominik Chamioło – CEO of PAGEN LLC.

New logo is just a beginning

New logo of PAGEN company relates to the sign, which was applying from 1998.  Every effort was made, to make the sign more universal, elegant and modern, at that same time, making it more simple and clearer.  Company also wants to show the changes in the offer, which at the moment is not limited only to the window woodwork.

Signet of the sign, on one side is exposing the characteristic letter “P” from the name of the brand, from the other side it is relating to shapes manufactured by the company – windows, doors, garage gates and shutters.  We can find in it the shape of single and double sash window, the shape of HST terrace doors, combination of window with balcony doors, contour of doors and garage gate and even the cross-section of the shutter. What is interesting – within the signet of the logo we have incorporated the remaining letters from the name of the PAGEN company, thanks to what, we have received the logo, which we can use even on smaller surfaces – such as window handles – says Maciej Musiał, Brand Menager of PAGEN company.   

Expressive red colour is relating to the previous visual identification, whereas advantage of the black colour in the logotype emphasize the status and growing value of the company. New logo will be implemented in all the available media used by the company. Changes will be also gradually implemented in our and partners showrooms . The rebranding process will last till March of 2022. 

PAGEN rebranding nowe logo okna drzwi bramy rolety


Changes of visual identification will be also connected with new advertising slogan – “Home as a masterpiece of a lifetime” and its shortened version #MasterIt, which are expressing the main idea of the marketing strategy.

It is said that a good brand is a well tell history. In strategy of comunication, important for us is leaving the talking only about the products, that are manufactured in our company. We want to show our products and their usage in the places, which for the most of us are masterpieces of a lifetime – especially with regard to the feeling of the community building, safety and family ties. There are places in our life, in which we are allowing on imposition of some framework, and connotation with the production line of PAGEN company comes itself – explains the author of a new marketing strategy – Jacek Wach, Director of Marketing in PAGEN LLC.

Implementation of a new logo will be accompany by advertising campaign, realised in Poland and on foreign markets, using among others advertising spots. The aim of the campaign will be building of the brand awereness, emphasizing the changes of the image and visual identification and in addition communication of the values, which are the foundation of the PAGEN company.