The first robot in Poland for the assembly of insulating glass units at the PAGEN factory

PAGEN company, one of the leading Polish producers of windows, doors, roller blinds and garage doors, has implemented in its production processes a robot system for the assembly of insulating glass units, integrated with the automatic glass pane sorting station and a light board supporting their quality control. The automation of insulating glass units assembly processes, which is in line with the idea of Industry 4.0, increases the efficiency of window production and is the first implementation of this type in Poland carried out by ROTOX. 

PAGEN Przemysł 4.0 ROTOX

The ROS 591 robot system with 7 servo-axes is designed for the automatic implementation of insulating glass for the connected window elements, i.e. the frame and the sash. The size of the windows that can be glazed using a robot is 3500 mm x 3000 mm, and the weight of the glass itself can be up to 200 kg.

Sebastian Sosin PAGENThe robot is equipped with a vacuum gripping application with 10 adjustable suction cups and vacuum monitoring, a station for setting and fixing frames, sashes and linked frames with sashes, with a right fixed and left mobile pressure beam, and an electrically driven roller conveyor. Importantly, the robot works closely with the ROTOX GSS 933 automatic glass pane sorting station - explains Sebastian Sosin, Production Director at PAGEN Sp. z o.o.

PAGEN Przemysł 4.0 Rotox

Thanks to the implemented solutions, the company has taken the strain of the production workers, whom it can delegate to operate other processes, significantly reduced the damage of glazing packets, and optimized the production process by planning the glazing already at the welding stage. What is important, the automatic glass pane sorting station can operate independently of the robot, making it possible to store even up to 200 glazing packets. A very important supplement of the production processes is a light board supporting quality control of glazing packages before sorting and storing them in racks.

PAGEN Przemysł 4.0 ROTOX


PAGEN Przemysł 4.0 ROTOXThe cycle time of the ROS 591 robot, including transporting and removing the element, does not exceed 90 seconds per 1 glazing package, while maintaining adequate control and production safety. I am glad that by using modern technologies, we are improving the quality and efficiency of production processes while ensuring the safety of machine operators," - adds Sebastian Sosin.

Once again, PAGEN sets trends by becoming the pioneer of robotization of insulating glass units assembly processes in Poland. I am full of praise for the Company's Management Board which places importance on innovative technologies in line with the idea of Industry 4.0. – concluded Norbert Sonka from Rotox Polska.