Interiors with large glazings – how to arrange them?

Nowadays, more people, building their dreamed house opt for large glazings, which gives the impression of limitless space. As it turns out, arrangement of such interiors is a great challenge, because large-sized glazings are itself a unique decoration.

It is worth to remember, that rooms with large glazings should be functional and provide a privacy. Too much of decorative elements shouldn`t be implemented into them, focusing on minimalism and coherence. Large glazings enlarged the  surrounded residential space and provide the acces to the huge amount of daylight, which is very important for our organism, what should be especially remembered during the furnishing of it.

Przeszklenie wielkogabarytowe okna aluminiowe PAGEN

Furniture of such interior poses a further challenge. It should be remembered, that when placing the furnitures, not to cover the glazings, and if they are movable – allowing on manouvering them. Sofas, chairs and other places in which we are spending the most part of a day, should be placed in such place, that Sun would not interrupt in carrying out activities such as reading or watching TV.

Przeszklenie wielkogabarytowe okna aluminiowe PAGEN


Okna aluminiowe PAGENThere are a few commonly known ways, which will make every house, regarding the stye in which it was arranged, more cosy. Room will be more atmospheric, when we enrich it with colorfull carpet, cushions or interesting lamps.

Very important role plays the colours of walls. Choosing them – pick up a warm colour pallete – even if we deciding on minimalism (Yes – greyness also has their warm tones). Do not be afraid of our own touches – after all it is Yours interior!

In case of large glazings, it is worth to remember about blinds, which will allow on keeping maximal privacy. They will alos work great in hot days, when the Sun will be heating the room.

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